WebSite Design Project Background

Puget Sound Technologies LLC WebSite Design Project Background.

A brief background and overview of your company or organization
This can be as simple as your mission statement, or the boilerplate used on press releases. Our design team will need to have an understanding of what you do and who you work with.

A brief description of the project and your overall goals
This should highlight what you actually want from your website. What are the overall goals?
Do you want the ability to customize content and post article?
This can be a list that includes concepts such as (but is not limited to):

• Establishing or strengthening a brand
• Increasing membership
• Allowing user generated content
• Outreaching to your clients or the public
• Providing event information
• Hosting public or private information resources
• Engaging with visitors or potential clients
• Different levels of access based on user rights
• Integration with social media

Budgetary considerations
Are there any budgetary goals or requirements that need to be taken into account? For any project, cost will always be a major consideration, although it is important to bear in mind that tight budget constraints will affect the realistic scope and time necessary to complete a project.

Time frame – Completion deadlines
Much like budget considerations, a tight deadline can act as a motivator; however it can also lead to increased cost of the overall project. A project can also be divided into stages that need to be completed and working by specified dates. Any such goals should be outlined here.

The Target Audience
Who will be the main users of your website?

Is your website going to be targeted at a specific audience or industry segment, or are you looking to attract a wider audience? Are there any existing users that you already know will be wanting to use your site?

What will be their average comfort level with technology?

Will your website users be technically literate, or are you expecting a number of people who are not going to be comfortable with the internet or current technologies?

Are there any considerations with regards to connection speeds and media content?

Will your primary audience have any specific limitations as to connection speed or bandwidth?
A site targeted at mobile users will need to be more conscious of media heavy content than a site that targeted at serving videos or lots of images.
Audience/User base – How many users are you expecting to have?

Are you expecting to have a few hundred or several million? Is your user base expected to start out low and grow over time or do you have a number of existing users that will be directly moving over to the new website?

Unique Design Requirements
Are there any color palette, font or image requirements and preferences?

You may have fonts or colors which are a necessary part of your corporate branding, or there could be considerations with regards to access for color blind or vision impaired visitors. Will images need to be captioned or attributed to an original source?

Do you have any corporate identity or branding guidelines that need to be followed?

Partly covered in the previous question, you will need to detail any corporate branding guidelines here. There may also be third party branding that needs to be respected.

Media and Animation – Will your site be taking advantage of animation or media delivery technologies such as flash content or videos?

Technology and Infrastructure
How and where will the website be hosted?

Do you wish to host your website internally, or outsource it to a hosting provider? Are there any requirements with regards to availability and data back-up. What considerations will need to be taken into account with regards to user data and are the security considerations that will need to be integrated into the website?

Are there any external platform considerations that need to be taken into account?
Are there any specific browsers that will need to be supported? Are there particular platforms that the site will need to be accessible from such as tablet devices or smartphones?

Are there any internal platform requirements?

Do you have an restrictions or requirements and to what underlying technologies are used to run and/or develop the website?
This could be mandating the use of a given Content Management System such as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress, or perhaps requiring it to run on or be built using ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc…

Functionality and Programming Requirements
Data capture – What type of data or information will you want to be gathering from site visitors?

Will your site need to provide forms for signing up to a mailing list, user registration, or for product or service queries? Perhaps you will need an interface for submitting support tickets?

Will you need tools to manage and update website content?

Will your staff need to be able to add, update, or modify website content? What level of control do you wish to have?
What type of content will you want to be providing?

List particular features that you want your website to include.
Some of these items may be obvious. However it is still advisable to list every feature that you wish your website to have, not matter how small.
Are there any other interactive features that you wish your website to have? How do you envision them working?

Detail how you wish forms or interactive features to work. Should users be able to sign in and manage their own profile?
Will sign in be used to restrict deliver user specific content? How many steps should be involved in event registration and does this need to be tied in to internal company systems?

Ongoing Maintenance
How often will the website be updated?
Will content need to be reviewed and updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? What type of content will require the updates?
Will you be maintaining the website yourself of outsourcing this work?
Who will be updating the website? Do you plan to manage it internally, or outsource this work? Will daily updates be internal and major content updates need to be outsourced?