How to Use Twitter Marketing For Your Small Business – 10 Tips to Creating Better Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular social connection websites where people interact in small, 140 character status messages. This is known as “micro-blogging” and it can be used as a whole new way of connecting with customers and fans of your product or service.

There are right and wrong techniques to using Twitter to market your small business, and you can gain a lot of advantage over your competitors who do not use new Internet technology to market their businesses.

1. Provide relevant information in your Tweets. Tell your followers about promotions, sales, and special coupons, and supply information that you know your fans will be looking for.

2. Know your product or service. Having a little expertise will go a long way in answering questions and updating your Twitter with tweets.

3. Post frequently, but do not spam. Again, your tweets should be relevant to information your customers would be interested in. If you post too much, it will cross the line to “spamming” and become annoying to your users, who might stop following you.

4. Communicate with your customers. Answer questions and reply, and give the customers opportunities to interact with you. This will help local customers feel comfortable buying your products or using your service, and make your business familiar and friendly. Conversations with customers do not always have to be relevant to your product, however, you should not get carried away either. Your small business promotion page is not your personal Twitter page.

5. Become involved in casual conversation. However, do not be too casual. Use correct spelling and grammar, and maintain a business oriented appearance, while being open and friendly.

6. Make total use of your account by updating your profile page with information and pictures.

7. Start up a marketing plan to help you keep track of what kind of promotions you will use, and keep track of the effectiveness of your techniques.

8. Start conversations by tweeting questions or polls and gain responses from your followers.

9. Promote your products, but in moderations. Again, shameless self promotion can lead to spam and a loss of followers.

10. Find Twitter feeds are related to your business so you can generate traffic to your Twitter page and find new followers who are interested in your business.

The key to using Twitter effectively to market your small business is to being interesting and informative to your followers or customers. Be sure to be professional, yet casual, and avoid becoming a nuisance by having too much of a presence. Your followers can be informed of special events or promotions from your business without being overwhelmed by information that they are not interested in.

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