Top Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Old Website

If your website isn’t as effective as you’d like, maybe it’s time for a make-over. A tired looking, static, site is not an effective marketing tool.

Here are the top reasons to redesign your webpage:

Your design looks out-dated – You may have set up a webpage several years ago that was on the cutting edge of technology. But the internet world changes quickly. Make sure that your site stays current with the fast-pace of technology.

Your site hasn’t evolved with your business growth – You set up your webpage when your business started, but now you’ve grown and expanded. Be sure your webpage evolves with your business. If you’ve upgraded your products or services then keep your site current with all the changes.

It’s not user friendly – If your site is hard to navigate visitors will click away. Internet searchers are not patient people. They won’t waste their time with a poorly planned site.

It’s not getting traffic – You need to rethink your SEO if you’re not getting enough visitors. Effective keyword marketing can make a lonely site popular. If you don’t understand search engine optimization consider consulting a professional.

It doesn’t connect with your visitors – Does your site look like there’s a real person connected with it, or a faceless company? Do you clearly explain to visitors how you can help them and how they’ll benefit from your products and services?

It doesn’t work properly – Do you have outdated links?

Does it load too slowly?

How does it look in various browsers? Have you checked all the popular browsers or just the one you use?

Does your order processing system work correctly?

It’s boring – Let your website have personality. Write with a personal voice that relates to your target audience. A technical site will obviously need to be written in a different style than a guitar webpage or comic book web store. Show some excitement about your products.

It gets traffic but doesn’t make any sales – If you’re not getting any sales then there could be several problems with your site.

Do you explain how your products benefit your potential customers or do you talk about features only?

Does your site have a clear call to action?

Can visitors easily figure out how to place an order? Is there a buy button or similar way to make a purchase?

It doesn’t build your list – Your page should have an easy way for visitors to join your mailing list. Have them sign up to receive your newsletter or a free ebook.

Keep your site current, workable, and readable. SEO techniques are constantly changing, so market your site armed with current strategies.

If your site has any of the above problems, then it’s time to consider getting it redesigned. A good web design company can give you a quote and explain the process to you. Don’t let one of your most effective marketing tools become obsolete.

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