Our Process

Our Process is a series of scheduled interactions:
The first few meetings are short and the last few meetings will be about 1.5 hours each.

Interaction 1: Cold call – phone call or email from us or to us. 3-5 minute phone call.

Interaction 2: First scheduled, qualification,
set ground rules, get agreement on discovery find out if we can work together. 15-20 minute meeting over the phone.
21 Point Checklist

Interaction 3: Discovery 1, understand business, and find out your stated needs
Website Client Intake Questionnaire & WebSite Design Project Background.

Interaction 4: Discovery 2, understand customer

Interaction 5: Discovery 3, understand market / competition

Interaction 6: Discovery 4, understand strategy & tactics (tried & available)

Interaction 6.N: Discovery N, further exploration if necessary – discovery is done
when it’s done

Interaction 7: Solution Presentation
Review 21 Point Checklist

Interaction 8: Proposal Presentation
Sample Contract

Interaction 9: Work Plan

Interaction 10: Project Kickoff

For smaller projects like our mobile optimized niche websites ($595) a lot of the interactions can be combined into just a few meetings.