Marketing Your Small Business- 4 Helpful Hints For Promoting Your Mom And Pop Store To The Public

The most important thing you can do for your small business is create enough exposure to put your business on top. Small businesses have struggled with this since the beginning of small businesses, and it will most likely be the biggest setback you will have to overcome with your small business. Even if you have the best catering service on your side of the globe, what good would it do if nobody knows about it?

Regardless of your business specialty, the only way you can stand a chance with your competition is to expose your business and make sure everyone knows about it.

Owners of small businesses are more likely to have trouble learning how to advertise than mastering their service or product to be the best. It might not always be cheap, and it might not always be easy, but you can market your small business.

Follow these four tips, and you will be able to market your small business to the public.

1.Do you really make the best Italian pizza? Create a time sensitive promotion to let everyone taste for themselves. This might mean giving customers two pies for the price of one during Fourth of July weekend. Naturally, chances are you will not make the best profits, and you might just break even, but you will have more business than ever during that promotion. You will make many new first time customers who might just come back when you’re not having a promotion.

2.Create flyers! You might have been told that flyers are not effective and just very annoying. But they can be used in a way that promotes your business and gets attention without being obnoxious. Check out local conventions and other places where they will get attention, and make sure they look professional.

3.Get on the radio. Local radio advertising can be fairly affordable, especially during off peak hours. For best results, catch the listener’s attention with a special promotion.

4.Set up a website, if you have not already. Use tools like Facebook and Twitter to increase exposure. You don’t have to hire a web designer to make it look professional, but it helps. The Internet is full of affordable ways to create local exposure. If you really can not create decent looking banner ads and graphics, many freelance web designers will help you out for very low prices.

The key to exposing your business is to become connected with those who are already interested in services like yours. Be sure to focus on advertising to your area, as catching the attention of consumers miles away will not do much good, unless you ship products as well. Always look for opportunities to expose your small, growing business!

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