Five Ways to Increase Your Business Profits with a Website

A webpage is quickly becoming a necessity for every business. But having a site isn’t enough. You have to know how to use your web presence to build your business.
Here are five ways a webpage can increase your business profits:

1. Broadens your exposure with the right SEO – A website can reach potential customers world-wide or across town. But they must be able to find your site first. Be sure your page is search engine optimized to reach your target audience. Research the keywords you need to use. Spend some time learning to market your page. Write articles, send out press releases, start a newsletter. If you don’t know how to do this or don’t want to spend the time; invest some money and hire a professional.

2. Displays your products and services – A web page gives you the chance to explain each of your products in detail. You can show pictures and give features and dimensions. But best of all, and the key to marketing success, you can show how your products help your visitors.

3. Take online orders night and day – It’s a great feeling to wake up and realize your weppage has been taking orders for you all night. Make sure you have a web site that automates the purchasing process. Your page needs a clear step by step way for customers to place orders.

4. Be sure you webpage is well designed – It needs to be user-friendly so your visitors can find what they need quickly. If they get confused or frustrated they’ll click away and find another site that’s easier to navigate.
Add a search feature if you have a lot of products on different pages.
Put informative articles on your site to brand yourself as an expert in your field. Prove to visitors that you and your company know what you’re doing and are leaders in your industry.

5. Tell your visitors exactly what to do next – Your page needs a clear call to action.
Not every potential customer will want to place an order on their first visit. But if they sign up for your mailing list you have a chance of winning their business in the future.
To get visitors to sign up for you list, you can offer a free ebook that offers specific information pertaining to your industry. Or you can give them a free subscription to your newsletter. The only way to keep people from unsubscribing later is to give readers useful information in each edition.
A follow-up email campaign can convince people to eventually buy. But your emails can’t sound like sales pieces. A mini-course is s way to get future customers to read your emails. As long as you’re giving them something of value they’ll read your mail. And when they’re ready to buy they’ll have your company’s name fresh in their mind.
Another option is to have a phone number where they can call if they want immediate help, need to receive a quote, or make an appointment.
The point is: Make sure they know what action to take next. Don’t leave them guessing or give them so many options it confuses them.
These are only a few ways your business can increase profits through a webpage. Spend some time talking with a good webpage design company and they will explain many others. This is only the start.

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