21 Point Website Quality Checklist






Suggestions for improvement

1) Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?





2) Does Your Mobile Friendly Site have a tap to call?





3) Is Your Website Responsive to Phones, Tablets,





4) Are you connected to Social Media sites? Facebook?
YouTube? LinkedIn?





5) Does your site have a lead capture form? Email?





6) Does your website have a contact us form with all the





7) Does your website have your logo?





8) Does your website have movement? Videos or sliders?





9) Does your website have visual interest such as





10) Does your website have high quality relevant





11) Is your site easy to navigate?





12) Does your website have video? Is it linked to





13) Does your website show your reviews and





14) Does your website CAPTURE testimonials and reviews?





15) Does your website have social proof such as media
logos or directory logos or organization logos?





16) Does your website have local maps from Google?





17) Is your privacy terms and other legal information up
to date?





18) Do you have Frequently Asked Questions?





19) Does your website have a media or news page?





20) Is your information regularly updated via blog posts
or RSS feeds?





21) Do you have a long term marketing plan using your
website as a hub?