20 Questions You Must Ask Your Web Designer

Before you start writing checks to a web design company there are a few questions you should ask. Make sure the answers meet your requirements and you feel good about the company you’re hiring.

1. What kind of experience do you have? Find out how long they’ve been in business how many webpages they’ve designed and built.

2. Does your company have graphic designers as well as technical people such as programmers? Your page needs to look great, but it also needs to work correctly.

3. Do you keep up-to-date with current programming and software? This industry is in a constant state of change. Does the company keep up with all the current advances?

4. What size projects do you usually work on? Have they done only small webpages or have they worked on large sites with many pages and features.

5. Do you specialize in certain kinds of industries? Some design companies choose to only work with certain types or sizes or companies.

6. What size are the companies you usually work with? If you’re a one man business you want a company that understands your needs. A big company may have different types of requirements. Find out if they have experience with a wide range of company sizes.

7. Do you have a process that you and I will go through, step by step, as the project progresses? You want to know that your needs will be the top priority as they plan your site. If they have a clear, organized system they use it will be less confusing for you to understand what will happen and when.

8. How will internet searchers find my webpage? Ask if they understand search engine optimization and how they use it when they set-up your site.

9. Will I be able to process orders online?

10. How will the payment system work? Find out which payment processing company they will use.

11. Can I sell an ebook and have it automatically delivered?

12. Will my page have a way for potential customers to sign up for my mailing list? Building a list is an important feature of any website. Make sure you have a way to capture names and email addresses.

13. Do you require full payment up front or how does the payment schedule work?

14. Will I be able to add content to my page myself and how complicated will it be to do so?

15. Is their a list of your past clients I could talk to? Can I get a list of their webpages? Look at other sites the company has set-up and see what you think. Let the company know if you like the design or format of a specific page.

16. Do you test the website on various browsers? Which ones? They need to make sure it loads and navigates in all the popular browsers.

17. Do you offer any type of guarantee? If you’re not happy with the end result, will they make changes?

18. Is hosting included? If so, for how long? You need to consider this cost when you’re comparing quotes.

19. Do you handle the maintenance of the page?

20. How will you handle problems if they arise? Find out how long you have to check out your page and request changes if there are problems.

If you’re not happy with the answers your receive, move on to a design company that has the answers and expertise you need.

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