10 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Increasing Response

Any small business owner or entrepreneur knows that it just takes practice and skill to avoid wasting money on marketing that does not benefit their cause. However, Direct Mail marketing might be just the thing you need to increase your sales and exposure. It is a very cheap and even effective way to find out what elements and designs will be the most successful. Refine your design to increase your own small business’ campaign response rate and you will find the direct mail route that will be best for you.

Postcards are the cheapest and most effective direct mail pieces to send to your potential customers. They are the most inexpensive to print and send, and they do not have to be opened. Once the consumer flips the card over, they can learn all about your campaign.

Your direct mail marketing campaign will depend on you catching your consumers’ attention. To stand out from your competition, you can use these tips to help you get a head start.

1.Mail frequently to your customers, but be sure that your mail is interesting and includes useful information. The more you mail, the more you will stand out on your consumer’s mind when they are considering a service to use or product to buy.

2.Include testimonials where applicable. If your service seems well loved and trusted by others, more will flock to your business or service. Ask your customers to write reviews for you, and be sure to include an incentive, such as a coupon for a product or service.

3.Loyalty programs will help you create repeat customers. You can mail your customers a note when they complete the program requirement for a coupon, or whatever incentive you promised.

4.Start a referral program to enhance promotion by word of mouth. Collect contact names and addresses of friends of your customers who would enjoy your products or services.

5.Send out a newsletter monthly to keep customers up to date and to keep you on their mind.

6.Mail out a coupon calender. This is incredibly effective because your customers will be able to keep your service or product on their mind for the whole year, and they will refer back to it when they need your business.

7.Make a list of your customer’s birthdays or anniversaries, especially if your products or services can be tied in. Mail out coupons at least two weeks in advance so customers have a chance to use them.

8.Start a monthly contest, and mail your consumers a slip they can fill out.

9.Throw a block party. Hire rides, bring in food, and add a sidewalk sale, you’ll have a lot of traffic and opportunities to find new customers.
10.Donate a certain percentage of your sales to a local charity, and customers will be even more likely to make business with you to be a part of your cause.

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